Abandoned Cart Orders

You may notice some incomplete orders in your Admin Panel.

Incomplete Orders are also called abandoned cart orders where items were put in the shopping cart, the customer filled out their name & email, but ultimately did not make a purchase.  Perhaps they got distracted or need to wait for a reason. An incomplete order just means the customer started to place an order – but never submitted it for payment.

Not Approved Orders are also called declined orders means a customer tried to make a purchase but the Credit Card Processor did not approve the transaction.  Incorrect zip code, address mismatch, lack of funds or a few other reasons could be why a credit card was declined. The customer is notified on screen at checkout if their order was declined and often in the Admin Panel you'll see another successful transaction by that same customer too.

What to do?

If your web store just started and the deadline is still several days away, then you should give some more time for the customers to complete their orders.   When the final deadline does approach (within 3-5 days) if this same customer has not completed their order or placed a whole new order, at that time it’s appropriate to send a reminder.

As a courtesy to you, we also can send an email notices to customers who have not completed their orders. Let your sales rep know if you want abandon cart messages sent.

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