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The Kustom Imprints print shop and professional staff can product more than 10,000 printed t-shirt a day.

Kustom Imprints is Sweatshop Free
A sweatshop is an industrial working environment with extreme, difficult or dangerous conditions. Frequently a sweatshop is specifically associated with the garment industry; however sweatshops can be run in just about any manufacturing business. In a sweatshop environment, the workers have few rights or ways to address their employment grievances. Additionally, they can be exposed daily to hazards such as extreme temperatures, harmful materials, hazardous situations, or abuse from employment management. Sweatshop workers are often forced to work long hours for little or no pay, regardless of any laws mandating overtime pay or a minimum wage. Additionally, child labor laws may also be violated in sweatshops. Though often associated with developing countries, sweatshops can (and do) exist in any country.

Many businesses, organizations, and educational establishments have started to actively pursue companies that employ sweatshop free policies within their vendors. For years, Kustom Imprints has actively worked to maintain the very best work environment for their employees. It has been a priority to our business that we are considered the best in the screen printing and embroidery business in respect to a sweatshop free environment. Most of our customers appreciate the extra steps we take to protect our workers and safeguard their complete work environment.

California State Garment License

The best way that an individual (in California) can research if the screen printing and embroidery businesses operates sweatshop free is to find out if they have a valid California State Garment License. Any company that embellishes finished garments, be it through tie-dying, screen printing, embroidering, heat transfer or air brushing is considered in the larger sense a garment manufacturing business. Any business that conducts garment manufacturing in the state of California is required to apply and maintain a valid California State Garment License.

To verify who has a garment license, just head to the State's online database located at

For many years, Kustom Imprints has been designing and printing the garments that were sold at the Big West Basketball Coference, which takes place each March. This year was no exception! 


T-shirts in school colors, a fan favorite:

BigWest3 Congratulations to all of the schools participating and their loyal fans, we enjoyed outfitting you!BigWEst1





Kustom Imprints recently hosted a booth at the California Association of Directors of Activities convention. The theme was JamaiCADA and convention goers were treated to Kustom printed arm socks.

Take a look at our booth!

Cada booth 4 Cada booth1 Cada Booth2


New Year- New Spirit Wear

Villa Park Elementary always chooses awesome spirit wear. They like to offer students, teachers, and parents a variety of styles and print options.

Here we have a screen printed vintage navy tee, a screen printed raglan (baseball) sleeved garment, and a rhinestone and screen print ladies tee.

Below, a close-up of the rhinestone design.

img_9418...with the addition of a standard navy tee

img_9419Add the appliqued sweatshirt, and here is the complete collection of the 2016-2017 Villa Park Elementary Spirit Wear!

img_9421GO BOBCATS!



Christmas is upon us!

Little kiddos are anxiously awaiting for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" to come out in theaters as well as being hopeful for gifts from their loved ones. Instead of trying to figure out which toy they want/ don't have, it's time for some Force themed leisure wear! Screen printed Gildan pullover sweatshirt with a Darth Vader helmet printed on the front of the hood, visible when the hood is pulled over the forehead. 


Pair it with these cozy flannel lounge pants from Boxercraft.


Create your own army of darkness!


...And pack them all up in this Globetrotter backpack from Basecamp.


May The Force be with you this Holiday Season!



Teaching Digital Leadership

With cyber-bullying being a prevalent problem in our current culture, one movement is here to help!

#ICANHELP grows positive school culture by developing digital leaders on school campuses.

Rather than tell kids what they shouldn’t do, #ICANHELP shows them what they can do! They show students how to develop their own capacity to make positive change online and encourages them to act on it. This transforms students and their schools, creating a more positive culture and climate online and offline.

Kustom Imprints has been aiding this organization by printing their colorful shirts and hosting their online store and we're pretty proud of their spreading of positivity.



#ICANHELP sees online negativity as a reflection of negativity on school campuses. It presents an opportunity to help students find and use their powers as change agents. #ICANHELP teaches digital leadership, encouraging students to be leaders online and at school.

img_9422A rainbow of colors to choose from.

The #ICANHELP message is clear: One person has the power to make a difference and delete negativity online in his or her own life.

Read more about #ICANHELP today!





2016 UCLA Dribble for the Cure

For the past several years, Kustom Imprints has been honored to have printed the T-shirts for this wonderful, charity event!

UCLA's Athletic Department and Bruin Basketball join forces with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) and Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA for the Annual Dribble for the Cure event. This event takes place on the UCLA campus this Sunday, November 6th, 2016. The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation has dedicated itself to supporting research efforts to find the cure for pediatric cancer. With the help of University Athletic Departments, the Dribble for the Cure connects research dollars with local pediatric oncology hospitals. Together they are helping communities fundraise in a fun and unique way.

How it works:

Head coaches along with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams join forces with PCRF and local children’s hospitals. Together they help raise awareness and dollars that will save the lives of children battling cancer. At the event participants meet their local college teams, Dribble alongside athletes, and even get autographs and photos.

PCRF Dribble for the Cure has raised over $1 million in the battle against pediatric cancer during its eight-year history!

Here is this year's design, and some of the shirts entering the dryer.


Each team gets a different colored tee, custom printed with their individual team name. At the end of the print run, our print shop looks like a stack of rainbows!



Last year's tees in action!

UCLA 2015

Let's go, 2016 Dribblers!!!





Local elementary school, Villa Park Elementary, is ready to run into Halloween!

We have been assisting VPE with their Jog-A-Thon shirts for many years and always look forward to creating a bold look for them. This year, designing with a Halloween theme in mind was very exciting.

We used the above design, submitted from our customer, as our guide and created similar artwork to suit VPE's event. Below, which was created using Adobe Illustrator, was submitted to VPE's decision makers for approval.

Art Mock Up

And here is the final print! Hot off the presses!

VPE Jog a ThonRun! Run! Run! VPE scholars!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Kustom Imprints!











We have been busy getting out supplies for Red Ribbon Week!


During Red Ribbon Week , schools make a coordinated effort to educate their students regarding drug prevention. The symbol of the red ribbon is a commitment to be a positive role model and never abuse drugs or alcohol. Schools give students drug prevention items, such as silicone wristbands, pencils, stickers, bookmarks, buttons, “Drug Free” pledge certificates, lawn signs, banners & weatherproof ribbons and bows to remember the week and make your awareness message more effective.  img_9313-2


Kustom Imprints provides this items to schools across the country. As you can see, we've got a lot of shipping to do!








You think  to yourself:

Wow, I need to get a variety of items for my organization...where in the world do I start? Lemme look online, Tees one place, pens another, cinch packs somewhere else... now where do I find a banner? And no one does embroidery? Grrrr!

If you have said this about your printing needs,
Kustom Imprints is the perfect place for you! We offer it all: custom screen printing on thousands of different garments (both on trend and traditional), embroidery, promotional items, banners. All of it, in one place.  Keeping it local and legit is super important to us and we do all of our screen printing and embroidery in house with proper licensing, establishing us as an above board California printing company.

At Kustom Imprints, we offer you a personal, human experience. Sure, you can find many custom screen printing companies online; where you can design it yourself, with limited graphics and fonts, we offer that too if that’s your thing. You can also check out our gallery of designs and choose to customize one. However, what sets Kustom Imprints apart is our excellent, personal, customer service and artwork that is tailored specifically for you and your project. So if you have print ready art, or just a mere idea in your head, or a combo of both, we can scale our services to suit your needs. Our  energetic, professional  staff  is both on trend and traditional. In business since 1990, we are your friendly, neighborhood, established screen printing shop.

Kustom Imprints Storefront

We are your local custom screen printing shop!








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