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Important Information to know about school uniform vendors...

Pricing is always an important dynamic in choosing a school uniform vendor.   However, additional  factors should also be taken into consideration so the parents are given the best option.  Below is a list of questions that should be answered when weighing the merits of each uniform vendor.


1. Does the vendor have a local shop, within a few miles of the school where parents can purchase the necessary school  uniforms on-site.

-  Are uniforms in stock all year round?

-  Is there a private fitting room for customers to try on different uniform sizes?

-  Is the store open during normal weekday business hours?


2. Does the vendor have the ability to sell their uniforms on-campus during select times of year like Summer Registration Days or Back-To-School Night.

      -  Can credit cards be accepted for payment while on campus?

      -  Does the vendor have properly insured employees while working on the school site?

3. Can the vendor supply an order form that is to be distributed to each parent at the school?


4. Does the vendor have an website ordering system, so parents can browse and purchase uniforms online?


5. Does the vendor allow for returns, exchanges and/or refunds of school uniforms.


6. Does the vendor have current product liability insurance coverage for all products they sell.


7. Does the vendor have a business license to sell in the city where the school sales are occur.


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