No Risk - No Cost - No Hassle


A simple way for your school, sport team, business or organization to offer custom printed apparel.

NO UPFRONT COSTS - No need to guess sizing, quantities and/or $ amount to charge each group member for their order.

With Easy E-Comm, we create a free pop-up web store to feature your requested products.  Then, we collect the orders with payments,  generate the products requested and ship them to you.

The process is simple...

Create a great custom design for your group & pick the right items to sell

We start by making sure you have the perfect design.  You may already have a school, team or company logo that we can use.  Or you can use our online designer and/or work with our art department to create a great design.  Then pick all the items you want to offer in your web store.

Advertise your web store through social media & and bulk emails

We create a FREE web store with all your items to be sold during your order deadline { 2 weeks recommended).  During that time, you advertise your pop-up web store through your social media posts, broadcast emails and any way you can share the info.

After deadline, items are printed, sorted & shipped FREE to one address

Once the web store deadline is over,  we  will tally up all orders placed and get them right into our screen print or embroidery production line.   After 7-10 days, your order will be completed and also sorted out  for each individual order placed.  We’ll ship all your orders with FREE FREIGHT to you at one single address so that you can then pass them out to your group.


Unlike traditional screen printing apparel orders, you won’t need to guess how many items to order in the beginning.  We will set-up your custom web store FREE, and then each member of your group selects their right sizes and quantities.  This way your order is exactly right amount needed

** A minimum total of 24 items with the same design must be ordered from your group.  If the minimum order is not met, then all pre-orders will be refunded.


In order to accommodate the uncertainty of how many total items will be sold, with the Easy E-Comm Web Store Program we set the customer’s price.  Below is our basic price list.  

CLICK HERE - For more detailed price list


Every item sold makes your group money! AND the more items you sell, the higher profit percentage. See here how the profit percentage grows when your total order quantity grows...

Your web store can also be a fantastic fundraiser – and you will never need to make an up-front payment!

*Payment for the profit based on your group order will be sent within 30 days of whole order shipment.

Our Easy E-Comm Web Store Program may not be right for your group.

If you already know how many total items will be sold or want to set the customer price yourself – then we can accommodate you with our traditional webstores. 

We made this special Easy E-Comm Web Store Program for the groups that have a desire to offer custom items for sale, but don’t have the up-front money to  the start the orders and/or are just not clear exactly how many items will sell.   With set pricing and increasing profit percentages, it’s one more reason why Kustom Imprints is the best in our business.

Setup Your Web Store Now

Give us the information we need to setup your custom web store...

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