Kolor It Tie-Dye Web Stores

For NO COST to you, Kustom Imprints can create a secure eCommerce web store to sell your Kolor It tie-dye shirts direct to the students & parents before you all gather to decorate.

You establish the event date ahead of time and then also pick the right tie-dye design. We will then setup a new web store to make it easy to collect everyone's payments.


  • Customers order & pay online.
  • At end of your set deadline, we outline print your order & ship them plus the dye kits at no shipping cost.
  • We also send you a spreadsheet and separate invoices detailing each web order placed.
  • You (plus other school volunteers) distribute the shirts and facilitate the activity for the kids.
  • Your school earns 50% profit on each item (See Price List).
  • We pay for all setup costs plus credit card fees

Item TypeCustomer CostYour Profit
Small Tote Bags$15.0050%
Large Tote Bags$20.0050%
If you want to purchase additional items at the end of the web store deadline, your price for those extra pieces will be the same as bulk order pricing.

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If you have any questions - send us a note below.

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