Kolor It Yourself - Tie-Dye Tips

Tie Dye tips and other helpful resources

Instructions Included

Your order will ship with a useful flyer that includes general instructions as well as several tie-dye techniques. Additionally, below are more resources to help make your event a super success!

Plan Ahead Smart

The tie dye process can also be pretty messy - especially when adding kids. Be sure you take time to plan ahead to protect the event environment.

  • Consider having the activity outdoors.
  • Have enough sheet plastic to cover EVERYTHING that you don't want dyed.
  • Bring a extra rolls of paper towels and garbage bags so you can quickly respond to an unplanned spill.
  • Make sure participants wear clothing and shoes that can be discarded or at least can be mistakenly stained.

  • Because dye only lasts 48-72 hours after adding water, wait to fill bottles until you are prepared to apply it.
  • Always handle the bottle filling wearing gloves.
  • Divide out each of the supplies ahead of time (Make sure everyone gets 1 zip lock bog, 3 rubber bands and a pair of gloves).
  • With the Tulip dyes, you DO NOT need to pre-treat fabric with soda ash.
  • Shirts DO need to be thoroughly damp before tie dying. Make sure you have a bucket of water or some way to pre-rinse shirts.

Tie-Dying shirts can be done in many different ways. Here are instructions on 8 popular options ...

Tie-Dye Basics Extended Version - 9:08

How To Tie-Dye Spiral Design - 3:03

How To Tie-Dye Crumple Technique - 2:40

How To Tie-Dye Folding Technique - 4:04

How To Tie-Dye Heart Design - 3:17

How To Tie-Dye Shibori Technique - 2:55


Do I need to cover my dyed project while it sets?
Yes it is important to cover your dyed project while it sets so that it doesn't begin to dry. That could affect the colors and cause some staining issues.

How long do I need to let the dyed project set?
Cover dyed fabric with plastic wrap to keep damp. Let set 6-8 hours or longer for most intense colors.

Can I mix dyes to create a new color?
Create new colors by blending dyes. Pour dyes together into one bottle, shake well.

How long can I keep a dye once it has been mixed with water?
Do not add water to dye until you are prepared to apply it. Apply dye within 24 hours after mixing. Dye left unapplied after 24 hours will begin to lose concentration and will result in noticeably weaker color intensity.

What is the best dye for polyester fabric?
Polyester is a difficult fabric to dye, especially if it is 100% polyester. This is because polyester is a synthetic fabric made from petroleum, making it resistant to absorbing dye. Natural fibers like cotton and rayon will absorb dye much better.

Do I need to prewash my fabric before dyeing it?
Yes! For best dye absorption, we recommend prewashing your fabric to remove the sizing added at the factory.

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