Order Deadlines

Our standard order production time for both screen print and embroidery orders is 10 working days. This is normally two weeks unless a holiday falls in between the order start and completion date. Please note your job production time will not start until the following three approvals are made...

1. Signed work order is received (Or accepted online )
2. Our accounting department has approved your payment plan
3. Artwork has been approved

Occasionally our production department gets overloaded and we need more than 10 working days to produce an order. We try to alert our customers of delays in every case, however, if you have a job that must be delivered by certain date & time, please make sure your Kustom Imprints sales rep knows your specific deadline requirements from the start of the order.

Rush Jobs
If an order is needed in a shorter time frame than our standard order production time of 10 work days, we will try to accommodate your request. However, rush orders often cause us to run our production staff at overtime hours, resulting in the need to charge additional rush fees. Ask your sales rep for more information on rush orders and rush order fees.

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