Promote Your Web Store!

The success of your web store will depend on how well you promote it. 

Advertise Effectively

Not too wordy – just be effective. 

Advertise Often

All of us need frequent reminders!

On your calendar, plan for 3-5 strategically spaced advertising efforts.   The marketing section on your Admin Panel will have cut-and-paste content your can use.

Advertise Through Multiple Channels

Social Media Posts

Post to ALL of your organization’s social media platforms.  Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other app where you can reach relevant customers. 

By Email List

If your organization has an email list - USE IT! The email text can be essentially the same as social media posts. Just be sure to send emails frequently.

Through Text Messages

Some of your customers may connect better through text messages than with email. If you have a mobile phone list the ability to promote your store by text message, it will be one more way you can ensure your success.

Social Media Post Examples

Need some inspiration for some for social media posts? We created several ideas where you can cut-and-paste our image templates and sample text.

Promote On Your Own Website 

If your organization has a website that gets good traffic, then definitely add product photos and the web store link plus mention the order deadline.     

Ask Organization Leader or School Principal to Personally Promote

Don't be shy about asking the school and organizational leaders to help you advertise. They often will have the best communication tools to promote your web store.  Ask them to mention it in a weekly newsletter email or “Call-All” phone message. 

Send out a flyer with QR code

Creating a handout flyer with a QR code linking your web store can be very effective.   

To make your web store URL into a QR Code, you can use one of these FREE online sources:

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