FALL 2021 - Blank Apparel Inventory Shortages

Supply Chain Problems

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several supply chain challenges leaving most of our apparel suppliers with significantly lower-than-historical levels of inventory. This has happened while product demand across almost all categories has also remained strong.   The wholesale blank apparel we use to fulfill your custom printed and embroidered orders is much less frequently in stock today causing shortfall problems.

Our long held business relationships & experience is a help.   Kustom Imprints works with dozens of wholesalers and over 100 brands in which inventory is held in warehouses all over the country. If a specific item in a size and color is in stock somewhere in the US, most likely we will have the access to acquire it.  However, sometimes an item is plain sold out everywhere and the backorder waiting time can be several months away.

With this new reality affecting the apparel business, we recommend ....

  1. If the items you want are in stock now and you can place an order early, definitely don’t wait!    We have seen inventory dry up in a matter of hours in some cases.
  2. Be flexible on the brand.   If you need a basic apparel item like a t-shirt or sweatshirt, be ready to accept a different / (but similar quality) brand.  In some cases, you may need multiple brands to cover all sizes.
  3. Be flexible on the color.  Be ready for a back-up or alternative item color option.
  4. Please don’t shoot the messenger!     If the Inventory Gods have depleted the certain apparel style that you want, please be patient with our staff!   Kustom Imprints' employees have been working very hard to locate available apparel all over the country.   We are working with and for you to conquer global supply chain shortfalls.

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