Teaching Digital Leadership

With cyber-bullying being a prevalent problem in our current culture, one movement is here to help!

#ICANHELP grows positive school culture by developing digital leaders on school campuses.

Rather than tell kids what they shouldn’t do, #ICANHELP shows them what they can do! They show students how to develop their own capacity to make positive change online and encourages them to act on it. This transforms students and their schools, creating a more positive culture and climate online and offline.

Kustom Imprints has been aiding this organization by printing their colorful shirts and hosting their online store and we're pretty proud of their spreading of positivity.



#ICANHELP sees online negativity as a reflection of negativity on school campuses. It presents an opportunity to help students find and use their powers as change agents. #ICANHELP teaches digital leadership, encouraging students to be leaders online and at school.

img_9422A rainbow of colors to choose from.

The #ICANHELP message is clear: One person has the power to make a difference and delete negativity online in his or her own life.

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