Web Store Order Deadlines

Most often,  the products sold in our web stores are classified as an Impulse Purchase and therefore many of the traditional sales aspects of a Buyer’s Journey are abbreviated.  For this reason, you should be strategic when setting the deadline date. 

Kustom Imprints recommends your order deadline to be about 2-3 weeks from launch.

This gives your customer’s enough time to decide what products / sizes / options are best for them.  A longer deadline window (more than 3 weeks) will usually NOT lead to additional sales.  I long deadline can irritate the customers who early orders because they don’t receive their goods for several weeks later.

Sunday Deadline – Often Best Option

Every deadline ends at 12:00 AM / Midnight PST.  Any Friday or Saturday night deadline will not be processed by our office until we return on Monday morning.  Therefore, we believe a Sunday deadline is best capturing all weekend sales activity.

Planned Extended Deadline – (Friday extended to Sunday)

Often, the biggest motivator for your customers will be to not miss the order deadline.  Wes are trained to wait and up until the end to make online purchases.  Therefore, a smart marketing strategy would be to initially publish a Friday deadline.  Then later, just as that deadline closes, advertise the deadline is extended two more days to Sunday night.   This gives you an additional opportunity to advertise your web store and hopefully grab a handful more of the straggler customers without losing any actual production days .

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