Web Store Product Limitations

While the setup for each web store is free for our clients, it still requires a lot of staff time for our company to create.  Therefore we must limit the total product listing quantities, color offerings and design options your web store can offer.


Web Store TypeProduct Limit*Design Limit**
Elementary School - Spirit Wear / Whole School Store8 listed items2 designs
High School - Spirit Wear / Whole School Store12 listed items3 designs
Groups Under 100 5 listed items1 design
Groups 100-499 8 listed items2 designs
Groups 500-1000 12 listed items3 designs
* An apparel style that is offered in both youth and adult sizes is considered two separate listed items. ** Each separate design offered in your web store incumbers its own minimum quantity requirement


Provided an apparel item or product is available in multiple item colors - you can offer it in up to three different color options. 


Additional listed products (beyond our set limits ) can be added at $20.00 per item and will be charged as a web store set-up fee.


Additional listed designs (beyond our set limits above ) can be added at $50.00 per design and will be charged as a web store set-up fee.

Simpler is Better!

You might believe that adding lots of product, color and design options to your web store will equate to better sales.  Scientifically however, this has been proven false by Google Research

When a new customer first opens up the web store, they will always have crucial first impression.   If your web store is listing too many choices, chances are that new customer will put off their buying to a later date.   And unfortunately, in our busy lives, that later date often never even happens.

Our experience tells us the most successful web stores offer just one or two good designs on only a few listed items.   Web stores that are overly aggressive in their product listings options will frequently stymie a natural buying process because they created a too cumbersome shopping experience. 

Our recommendation is always make sure your web store simple enough that a customer can find what they want and buy it in just 1-2 minutes.

If you have any questions - please contact your sale representative direct or enter a message below

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