Yard Sign Web Stores

For NO COST to you, Kustom Imprints can create a secure eCommerce web store to sell your yard signs direct to the students & parents.


We ship FREE to your location all signs & you hand them out to each child.

This option saves your parents the added cost of individual shipping.

  • Customers order & pay online - $10.00 per sign.
  • At end of your set deadline, we print all signs & ship all of them to you FREE.
  • We also send you a spreadsheet and separate invoices detailing all orders.
  • You (plus other school volunteers) distribute each sign order individually.
  • Your school earns 20% profit.*

We recommend this option when possible because the lower cost will sell the most signs!


We ship direct to each customer

Choose this option if you do not have the capability to distribute the individual orders to your students.

  • Customers order & pay online. (Shipping costs are added)
  • At end of your set deadline, we print all signs & ship all of them individually to each order.
  • We send you the invoices detailing all orders for your reference.
  • Your school earns 20% profit.*

With this option, the yard signs are charged $4.00 higher to accommodate packaging costs and shipping dimensional weight fees.

*20% royalty per sign profit is paid out within 30 days of sign delivery. If you prefer, your organization may waive the royalty and reduce the customer price by the full royalty amount. 

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