Imprint Locations

Our standard design placement options...

Front Options:

Front Screen Print Imprint Location


Back Options:

Screen Print Design Location Front


Sleeve Options:

Screen Print Locations Sleeve


Pocket Options:

Screen Print Design Locations with Pocket


Specialized design placement options

We can screen print in many other locations other than our standard screen print locations. Above are a few more areas that describe where you may choose to have your imprint. For your specific job, please write out or sketch out in detail exactly where you want your screen print location to be. Please also note our maximum imprint size is 15" by 15".

Specialize Design Placement Options


Hooded Sweatshirts, Front Imprint Size Limitation

When screen printing the front of a hooded sweatshirt with muff pocket, the design height may be less than our standard imprints sizes. Youth size hooded sweatshirts are definitely limited in design height. That distance will vary depending on the garment size and the brand of hooded sweatshirt ordered. If you have an order of hooded sweatshirts and a design that is tall in nature, please inquire first about how large we can screen print your design.

Screen Print Hooded Sweatshirt Design Note


Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt, Front Print Limitation

We will arrange the artwork with a 2"-3" gap between the right half and left half of a front design for zipper hooded sweatshirts.

Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt Design Note

Hood Print Limitation

If the particular hood on your sweatshirt is a 2-ply fleece hood then you are limited to a single screen print color on that hood. If you require a multiple color imprint on a 2-ply fleece hood, then we will have to print that with a heat transfer print instead of a direct silk screen print. Please inquire with your sales representative if you need a multiple color imprint on the side of a sweatshirt hood.

Screen Print Hood Imprint


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