For NO COST, Kustom Imprints can create an e-commerce web store for your school, company, or organization to sell apparel & other merchandise directly to your customers.

Collect Payments Securely

Our web stores accept credit card payments through the very secure and encrypted payment gateway.   

Advertise Through Social Media & Email

We'll send you an individual web store URL link, and then you promote it through Facebook & Instagram as well as email blasts.


Custom Delivery Options

For group orders, we have three custom data fields that will record needed delivery information to assist you.  We can save custom data like Student Name, Teacher, Room, Team, Coach, etc.

Expanation in 90 Seconds!

If you are new to our web stores, watch our introductory video first.

Web Store Products

Spirit Wear - Uniforms - Class Tees - Staff Wear - Fundraiser Items

All custom apparel & products sold in bulk quantities can now also be individually sold to your customers through a custom web store.

More Details on Web Store Products

Set Your Own Deadline

The web stores are open for a set period of time that fits with your schedule. We recommend a window of 2-3 weeks.  This allows enough time for you to promote your store, but is not so long that your customers will get anxious to receive their orders. 

Your web store deadline can always be extended anytime during the sale if you feel you need more time.

Web Store Examples...

School Spirit Wear

See Villa Park Bobcat Spirit Store

Yard Signs

Get more details on our Spirit Signs & Decals


Get more info on our Holiday Ornament Fundraisers

Web Store Express Program

The no cost, no risk, no hassle apparel fundraiser!

If you only need a 1 or 2 color front design on basic t-shirts & sweatshirt - then the simplicity of our Web Store Express Program could be for you.

More Details

Web Store Order Minimums

Screen Printing & Embroidery: All apparel web stores have a minimum order of just 24 pieces per design. Therefore, your web store will need to sell to your customers a total quantity of at least 24 pieces of every design you are offering. You can mix and match different apparel sizes and styles that all share the same design to achieve the 24 piece minimum.

Signs: Spirit signs have a 20 piece minimum per design.

Promotional Items: The minimum quantities on promotional items vary. Please consult a KI sales representative to give you both the costs and the order minimum requirements.

What happens if you do not reach the order minimum

Flexible Shipping Options

Group Ship


We ship all web store orders to you at no cost. Then, you you arrange to distribute each customer order.

More Details

Individual Ship


We ship each order individually directly from our warehouse to the customer.

More Details

Hybrid Distribution


Great option for schools that have both in-person and virtual attendance.

More Details

Order Sorting, Packing & Delivery

If your store is a Group Ship web store, then you will be responsible to sort, order pack & deliver the individual orders. We have some helpful tools and great organization tips to make that final facet of your web store be an efficient process.

More Details

Sales Information & Reports

Admin Portal
Admin Portal

Admin Panel

Once your store launches, you'll receive a second URL link just for you to see "LIVE" sales totals and get marketing tools.

More Details

Store Close Reports

After the web store deadline passes, we'll send you a few comprehensive reports so that you know how many orders were placed and are able to efficiently distribute each order.

More Details

Web Store Launch Process

Tell us the apparel and design(s) you want

The process starts with you telling us all the items and design(s) you want to sell in your store.  Submit this item info through our WEB STORE START online form or by email to

We send you product costs & other details

We will quickly reply back with a custom price quote, and we’ll also explain all other important web store details.

You set store pricing, deadline & delivery options

Once you have all product pricing, you can then set the web store prices at the right profit for your group.  Also let us know your specific deadline and delivery instructions.

We Build, You Approve, We Launch!

Then, we will quickly build your custom web store based on your specific requirements.  Before it is launched, it will be sent to you for approval.


Contact Us

The Kustom Imprints staff is ready to answer your questions and start new web store for you.

(800) 683-5854

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