For NO COST TO YOU, Kustom Imprints can create an eCommerce website for your organization to sell apparel & other merchandise direct to members of your group.

Collect Payments Securely

Our web stores accept credit card payments through the very secure and encrypted payment gateway.   

Advertise through your social media and email network

By promoting your custom on-line store through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter plus through your email list – the group can quickly link to your store and make their purchases effortlessly.

Custom Delivery Options

For group orders – we have three custom fields that will record needed information to assist you in distribution.  We can save info like Student Name, Teacher Name, Classroom, Address etc.

Your website can be setup for group or individual shipping.


You handle the final distribution

This option saves your customers the cost of individual shipping.

  • Customers order & pay online.
  • At end of your set deadline, we print or embroider all items & ship them to you FREE.
  • We will also send you a spreadsheet and separate invoices detailing all orders.
  • You (with the help of your school volunteers) distribute each order individually.
  • If you choose - your group can earn profit per each order, too*

We recommend this GROUP SHIP option, when possible, because the lower cost will sell the most merchandise!

See Example Website: Canyon Crest Leadership


We Ship Direct To Each Customer

Choose this option if you do not have the capability to distribute the individual orders to your group.

  • Customers order & pay online. (Shipping costs are added)
  • At end of your set deadline, we print or embroider all items & ship all of them individually to each order.
  • We send you the reports detailing all orders for your reference.

Individually shipped items are HIGHER PRICED due to added packaging costs and separate shipping fees.

See Example Website: Arbor View High School

Easy E-Comm Program

Great Fundraiser Option

A new web store program with preset customer prices. The more you sell, the higher profit margin!

  • No Risk
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Hassle!

Contact Us

Our staff will get back to you immediately to answer any questions

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