Web Store Order Minimums

Screen Printing & Embroidery: All apparel web stores have a minimum order of just 24 pieces per design. This means your web store will need to sell to your customers a total quantity of at least 24 pieces of every design you are offering. You can mix and match different apparel sizes and styles that all share the same design to achieve the 24 piece minimum.

Signs: Spirit signs have a 20 piece minimum per design.

Promotional Items: The minimum quantities on promotional items vary. Please consult a KI sales representative to give you both the costs and the order minimum requirements.

When a Web Store minimum order has not been met after deadline...

If your store deadline is over and sales total for each design does not reach our minimum, here are some options for you to proceed ...

Web store coordinator can purchase the difference- Buy extras with an Add-On Order to bring the volume
up to 24 pcs. Depending how many items are needed to purchase, utilizing the profit from your royalty can be used for payment.

Extend the deadline - We can add extend out the deadline giving you more time to do one more round promotion to increase the sales. Please note- extending the deadline also means extending the time when all customers will receive their goods. If you extend the web store deadline, please also notify all web store customers about the added delay.

Refund each customer - We can refund each web store customers who did order and send them a note that their order was cancelled because whole web store minimum was not met.

If you have any questions about web store minimum order amounts or anything else- just let us know.

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