Group Ship Orders


After web store deadline is completed, our company will ship the entire order.

You (and your volunteers) are then responsible to distribute each of the individual orders.

Custom Delivery Options

Top three arrows show an example of the Custom Data Fields. The bottom arrow shows were the Custom Delivery Message is displayed.

Custom Data Fields at Checkout

To assist you in the distribution of each customer's order, we offer up to 3 custom data fields at checkout. You tell us the right field name that makes sense for your group. (For instance school spirit wear commonly uses Student Name / Teacher / Room Number.)

Our checkout - custom data fields can be formatted three different ways … Standard type-in entry, drop-down list selection or radio button selection.

Type-In Text

Drop Down List **

** You must send us the full list of options first.

CLICK HERE for how to submit list.

Radio Button Selection **

Custom Delivery Message

You also have a space provided to explain to customers how the orders will get delivered once the deadline is over and all order production is complete.

Common Methods of Self Delivery

Through Individual Classrooms- The most common way to distribute school orders is group by classroom number and have the teacher hand out each completed order to their students.

Front Office Pickup- Have all orders saved at a front office or some staffed location- and have your customers pickup their order there.

Parking Lot at Date & Time- Notify your customers that all orders are to be picked up during a few hours on a specific date at a parking lot or other location.

Personal Home Delivery- If all group members reside nearby, you can home deliver each order individually. If there is a local high school with students needing volunteer service hours - perhaps they would assist,

Order Sorting & Packing Tips

Get more details about how your group can most efficiently sort, pack and parcel out the completed orders. CLICK HERE

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