Web Store Price Quotes

This is what a web store apparel price quote looks like. Explanations below on all pricing components.

This is a sample price quote you would get back from one of our sales rep after you t=let them know what item(s) and designs you want to included in your store.

1. Item Costs

Your item cost will vary, depending on the item chosen, the design requirements and the total quantity ordered. As always, our Bottom Line Low Price Guarantee is valid with all of our web store products.   

2. Web Store Price

The web store price is the cost you charge the individual customers.  This amount can be set to any amount you want.  If you choose to make your web store a fundraiser, the raise in price should be a fair margin above the actual item cost.

3. Credit Card Processing Fee

3.75% of the Web Store Price is the credit card processing fee.

4. Store Profit

Your profit is the Web Store Price minus the sum of the Item Cost and Credit Card Processing Fee. Your profit cannot be determined until the order deadline is completed and we know the total quantity of items ordered by your organization.

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