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Something FREE and fun! Here are 100+ different ZOOM virtual background images. ALL Images have the proper aspect ratio of 16:9 and have a screen resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.

Just right click the backdrop image your want - select Save image as... - and save in a folder. If you need help installing image to your Zoom App - See Here

Movie Classics...

(18) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

Animal House - Delta Tau Chi

Wayne's World - Basement

Titanic - Grand stairway taking on water

High School Musical - East High

Parasite - Kitchen

The Shining - Hallway

The Incredibles - Kitchen

Star Wars - Death Star

The Godfather 2 - Michael Corleone's Lake Tahoe Office

The Hunger Games - President Snow's Desk

Toy Story - And'y Room

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Hall

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Jurrasic Park

Caddyshack - Bushwood Country Club

Planet of the Apes - Beach

The Wizard of Oz - Yellow Brick Road

Television Settings

(14) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

Cheers - Bar

Game of Thrones - Dragonstone

Friends - Central Perk

Big Bang Theory - Living Room

The Sporano's - Satriale's Pork Store

Full House - Living Room

Fraiser - Living Room

The Office - Reception

Modern Family - Dunphy Home


The Simpsons

The Brady Bunch

SNL - Weekend Update

Star Trek

Unique Locations

(10) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

Aircraft Carrier - Control Bridge

Doctor Office

The Improv - Brick Wall Stage

Widener Library - Harvard

Ski Lift

High School Hallway

Ballet Studio

Science Lab

Castle & Cows

Performing Arts Stage

Aspiring Lifestyle

(8) Options - Updated 4-20-2020

Yacht Deck

My Third House in Palm Springs

Private Jet Interior

I'm just tucked away - in our guest room

One of the smaller rooms of family estate

Just hanging out in the family room

Two or maybe three stars

Playboy Mansion

Theme Parks that Start with D

(10) Options - Updated 4-23-2020

Random house in Anaheim

Not really a mountain - but lots of space

Mountain that occasionally gets thunder

I don't see any pirates?

You see - There IS a place in Orange County that has snow

Just a typical Main Street, USA

There is more going on in that house than you think

Every day in California is an adventure

Talking trophies from the old days


Just See if Anyone Notices

(10) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

My WiFi was not working - So I'm at the neighbor's

Angels vs. Devils - In A Sports Way

Just hanging out on the patio

Thinking Outside the Box

You won't believe the great deal I got on this cruise!

Amazingly - I'm still a bachelor after all these years

I Got an Idea!

This is my "Kids" Room

Who? - Oh him? -- Yeah he's a little tired from last night.

OK - We are at 93 minutes now and not even half done yet

Not Sure How I Got Here

(7) Options - Updated 4-9-2020

Prison Cell

Amsterdam Red Light District

Crime Scene

The White House - Oval Office

Bathroom Stalls


Chuck E. Cheese

National Parks

(14) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

Yosemite National Pack - California

Monument Valley - Arizona

Mt. Rushmore - South Dakota

Mesa Verde - Colorado

Glacier National Park - Montana

Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

Big Bend National Park - Texas

Everglades National Park - Florida

Arches National Park - Utah

Zion National Park - Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

Big Sur - California

Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico

Worldwide Iconic

(10) Options - Updated 4-25-2020

England - Stonehenge

Australia - Sydney Opera House

Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa

France - Eiffel Tower

Golden Gate Bridge - California

Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC

Egypt - The Great Pyramids

China - Great Wall

India - Taj Majal

California - Kustom Imprints

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