Art Preparation

There is NEVER an art charge when you use one of our hundreds of online designs and change them to fit your specific needs. Simple alterations like color change, name or text changes, font style changes, and clip art graphic changes all can be done with no art charges.

Every order receives 30 minutes FREE art preparation from our art department
If you have your own design or simply just a design idea, it's no problem. We can work with you whether its production ready, a mere concept in your head or somewhere in between. Kustom Imprints allows a half hour of free artwork preparation time with each order. If your design requires more than 30 minutes of work, the additional charge is $60.00 per hour. If you are curious as to how long it will take to develop your design, contact our art department to get a time estimate.

Kustom Imprints Art Dept.
(800) 683-5854 Ext. 118

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